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a little bit about me:

I'm Sydney - labour doula, birth advocate and all around reproductive health nerd. My passion is empowering you to know your body and your rights through these phases of your life.

K I N D  W O R D S

Sydney was the biggest gift to me and my family during one of the most influential times. She's so knowledgeable, in-tune and versatile in the way that she shares the gift of her services. Having given birth a couple times before, I thought I knew how valuable her support would be, but by the time she left I was floored by how much more supportive she was than I had imagined. 


We hired Sydney as a postpartum doula, but because Sequoia arrived late, she ended up offering some prenatal and labour support as well (thank goodness!)... I say these titles with hesitancy because she offered so much more than that. Without overstepping a single boundary she lived with us for almost two months offering childcare for our toddler to help him with the transition of welcoming a sibling, the much needed nourishment of home-cooked meals for prenatal and postnatal strength, ongoing emotional support and an ear for my partner and I in points of friction.


On top of this all, Sydney filmed an incredible birth video for us, which we will cherish forever. 


At every point on the journey, Sydney stayed on her loving toes with us and was always available to meet us where we needed her most with wide open arms (and a ton of wisdom). 


As I write this I realize it's taken me a few months to let it roll off my tongue because no words can describe how much of a gift she was to us all during this most incredible time -- And I say incredible knowing that Sydney was a major ingredient to our 'incredible' experience.

Z O E Y 



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