I'm Sydney, your birth nerd BFF.​

I'm a full spectrum doula (meaning I provide support through pregnancy, labour, birth, and postpartum), birth advocate, and reproductive wellness educator!

This space is my dream - as a major birth nerd, science student, and creative, birth work is absolutely my calling, my passion, and my favourite thing to chat about. 

nice to meet you!


The integration of spirit and physical during a birth in which the mind, the body, and the baby are cared for and respected is remarkable. I believe through education and support expecting parents can achieve a fulfilling and memorable birth experience. I believe that birth is a normal and safe physiological process. I believe that carrying a pregnancy is an emotional, spiritual, and psychological transition, and one that deserves to be honoured with support and community.

It is true that there is a disconnect in our society between us and our bodies and this is especially true when it comes to our menstrual cycles, our fertility, and our trust in our ability. By taking the first step to build yourself a strong team, a support system around you, you are acknowledging your power. You will be better equipped to advocate for yourself through your journey to parenthood and beyond, and better equipped to thrive.


things I love:

time outdoors

my cat, Juno


strong coffee

education & focuses

University of British Columbia, Okanagan

Bachelor of Science, Psychology 

Doula Training Canada

Labour and Birth Doula 

South Okanagan Yoga Academy

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

  • Anatomy of pregnancy

  • Physiology of birth

  • Fetal development

  • Breast/chest feeding

  • General mental health

  • Postpartum mental health

  • Child development

  • Trauma responses and care

  • LGBTQ+ spaces and resources

  • Yoga, breathwork, and meditation

  • Menstrual health

  • Fertility

  • Loss and grief

  • Sexual violence

  • Socio-economic interactions

  • Indigenous spaces and resources

  • Domestic abuse

  • Abortion and pregnancy options

  • Special needs and disabled children

  • Subtle anatomy and the nervous system


A little bit more about me:

I'm a dreamer, a learner, an educator, a wanderer, an empath, a creative, and a woman of passion. Welcome!


During my education in science at the University of British Columbia in sunny Kelowna B.C., I stumbled upon a project called birth without fear and was introduced to the birth community. Ever since I have been fascinated by the connection I felt to the feminine and powerful energy in the space and the sheer magic of pregnancy and birth - and at the same time made furious about issues of obstetric violence, and a culture where women aren't encouraged to advocate for themselves and their power during their pregnancy and journey to motherhood. I wanted to learn more, more, more and have since devoured the research of healers and educators, birth photography, podcasts, and any relevant course I could get my hands on.

So sparked my drive to serve my community as a doula. I love to learn, experience, and share magic with clients.


This space was born from my desire to combine my science based, research loving side with a human, curious, and playful approach. I believe in the divine and psychological connection between mind and body, and marvel at the ways the baby is connected during the birth experience. This space and my services are intended to hold respect for the feminine power of birth, while still confirming accessibility and need for support for all parents. I strive to show up in all ways as a non-judgemental, queer-allied, and flexible support person. 


In my practice, I have been so lucky to become collected with Wellness Garden Doulas, and the community of intelligent and inspiring healers I've found there has been like no other. We work as a group to share information, refer clients, back up on-call time, and hold each other through stressful moments. Check out Wellness Garden Doulas here.

I believe you have what it takes.

I have faith in the normalcy and physiology of birth, and the power your body has to communicate with you. Whether hospital or home birth, no matter what your pregnancy has looked like, you have the power.

With a strong team supporting you, your power to advocate for yourself will flourish. I seek to help you find that power within yourself by showing up as a solid member of your birth team. I am mindful about bringing a calm, positive, and joyful energy to every birth and client meeting.