Through my training and experience I have developed a range of skills to share with you to support your birth experience. This includes home births, hospital births, complicated pregnancies, c-sections, inductions, and vaginal births. I offer tools to incorporate into your birth plan and your vision so you can create an experience that is uniquely yours and feels intentional.

  • build a continuous connection and have someone you can turn to at anytime with concerns and questions

  • receive prenatal education so you and your partner feel confident and knowledgeable as you approach your labour

  • learn comfort measures to reduce pain, discomfort, and stress during your experience. ​

  • create a postpartum plan and feel ready knowing you will have care in place ​

  • have someone by your side as your personal cheerleader during your labour (which can allow your partner to support you, rest, and witness the birth fully!)






three prenatal meetings

to discuss labour preparation, medications and interventions, anticipations, pain and coping strategies, advocacy, postpartum preparation, etc. so you'll be feeling confident, comfortable, and ready for your upcoming birth.

access to my resource and lending library

dozens of pdfs, books, and resources I stand behind for additional education.

on-call period

24-hour a day availability starting at 37 weeks​

continuous labour attendance

by your side cheerleading, love, and reassurance from the moment you decide you need me until 1-2 hours after baby is born

please note: my ability to provide labour attendance in hospital is dependent on the current Covid-19 restrictions in place and we will discuss the current guidelines as the day grows closer.


for 1-2​ hours after baby is born I will be with you to assist with first latch and feeding, bonding, healing and care, and clean up.


three prenatal home visits are included in the period after the birth, to support you through healing, reflect on your birth experience with a non-judgemental ear, and connect you to community resources.

text, email, and phone conversations

to answer any questions you have, reassure you when needed, and find any resources you need

during awake hours up to 37 weeks, available 24 hours during your contracted on-call period

Pregnancy can be a beautiful experience - and it can also be a scary, confusing, exciting, overwhelming, and busy time. There are elements of birth we cannot control but there is power in preparation. I want you to understand your options, feel empowered to speak up for yourself, look forward to the experience, and come away feeling satisfied. Doula care is for every pregnancy - whether you are a first time parent seeking guidance, a fifth time parent seeking change, planning to place the baby for adoption, carrying a surrogate pregnancy, or navigating any other unique experience, you deserve support.


payment plans available

I am available for hire for birth support through a collective at Wellness Garden Doulas. You may reach out directly to me or get in touch there -