Your postpartum period is a unique time in your life which deserves to be honoured with rest, community, and understanding. While today our society values "bouncing back", throughout history this time has been deeply nurtured with comforting and nutritious meals and plenty of rest. I am able to provide you with emotional tools and holistic care to assist in your physical and emotional healing. This time is a big transition, and you know what they say - it takes a village.

  • prepare for your postpartum period before it arrives, so you can feel empowered and knowledgable for this new phase (and get my reminders to implement your plan!)​

  • get access to resources so you feel knowledgable about breastfeeding, newborn care, and postpartum mental health.​

  • have a trauma-informed doula with a wealth of psychology and birth information by your side to turn to to discuss and process your birth experience.​ ​

  • know that you have care arranged, so you can get some much needed rest or time to yourself.​​

  • make the transition as smooth as possible for the whole family with partner and older sibling check-ins and resources.

  • birth debriefing and conversation with a non-judgemental and educated ear (I'm a pretty darn good listener!)

  • resources for physical healing and honouring your body

  • nutritious and easy recipes and help with food prep

  • gentle housekeeping

  • someone to sit with baby while you take a much needed nap or bath

  • family check ins to ensure partners and older siblings feel supported too

  • feeding support (bottle, breast/body, or both)

  • newborn care information (having trouble swaddling, baby wearing, changing, or reading body language?)

  • sitz bath preparation and recipe

  • a friend to take a nice walk with and get outside


Three postpartum visits are included with the labour and birth package.

I am available for hire for birth support through a collective at Wellness Garden Doulas. You may reach out directly to me or get in touch there -